L & D department support

We provide advice, input or resource to any project broadly related to building learning within an organisation.

We are very flexible in how we do this. You may just be looking for someone outside the organisation with whom you can test out some ideas. Alternatively, you may want to outsource the full design and roll out of a major new process or programme. In between these two extremes, you might need some input or an extra pair of hands in relation to certain aspects of a particular initiative. Our mixture of operational and strategic experience enables us to be versatile, and we are glad to be involved in any of these ways.

  • Scope
  • Inquire
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Evaluate
  • A simple process flow for delivering effective projects and bespoke courses – we can partner with you throughout, or assist with particular stages.

Courses & workshops

Our courses and workshops are always:

  • Tailored to the needs of the individual participants and their organisations
  • Highly interactive and participative
  • Practical, with immediate application back into the workplace

We like to work closely with you on the content and design upfront, as well as on follow-up and evaluation afterwards.

We are glad to offer one-off workshops on specific topics, as well as longer programmes comprising a broader range of subject matter and a number of integrated activities.

Specialist expertise

We also have a number of areas of specialist expertise which can be offered either as standalone services or in conjunction with the areas above.