L & D department support

Trainer support

Many organisations like to deliver their training by in-house specialists, and we can provide course design and development services to support this internal training provision. This can be useful both to less experienced in-house trainers and to those who are experienced but short of time! We also offer ‘train the trainer’.

Design/development services include:

  • Helping you define the learning objectives and think through creative ways of meeting them
  • Doing the detailed design of a training workshop
  • Designing a participative large-group event
  • Writing course manuals, case studies and other training materials
  • Providing constructive critique/editing of workshop outlines or materials that you have created

In terms of ‘train the trainer’, we can provide:

  • Coaching, observation and feedback for individual trainers
  • Train the trainer workshops for small groups
  • Tip sheets and other materials