L & D department support

Project support

When you are thinking through a major or complex piece of work, it is often useful to have someone to partner with you in this process. We can act as an independent sounding board, or provide coaching, advice or ideas.

This could be helpful in a number of different scenarios. For example, you may be:

  • New to the job and needing to think through your role and initial priorities
  • Putting together a learning and development strategy or curriculum
  • Planning the communication and roll-out of a major new course or initiative to a large number of people
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of a particular programme or process
  • Considering how best to structure your L & D team
  • Looking for some creative ideas for developing people that don’t require too much budget!

We are good at listening and providing support and/or challenge as appropriate. This conversation may be all that you need.

Alternatively, it may lead on to our scoping and planning an area of work, and actually getting involved with the project. Roles we can take within appropriate projects include:

  • Acting as project manager
  • Facilitating an internal project team
  • Taking on specific aspects of the project, such as carrying out research, conducting interviews or focus groups, and writing reports or materials.

This would normally be done on an external consultancy basis, but part-time interim assignments are also possible.