Specialist expertise


Facilitation of group dynamics and processes is a core skill within our consultancy, and is an integral part of a number of the services we offer. We also offer it as a standalone if you are looking for independent facilitation of a particular meeting or set of meetings.

For example, independent facilitation may be useful for the following:

  • Strategy, visioning or planning meetings
  • Project team meetings (especially start-up meetings and end-of-project review meetings)
  • Department meetings, especially when planning objectives or looking at internal processes or communications
  • Focus groups to collect information and opinions
  • Generating creative ideas and problem solving
  • Resolving conflicts or issues between individuals or within groups or teams (please also see the Mediation page)

We are equally happy working with top teams, teams in the middle, and teams at the grass roots of the organisation. We are also comfortable with facilitating groups large or small.