L & D department support

Culture, values, commitment


Many organisations have done considerable work on defining their desired culture, and describing the underlying values and associated behaviours. However, sometimes the employees themselves are not really engaged with these outcomes.

If you would like to bring your organisational values to life, we can work with you to:

  • Take a ‘pulse check’ of how your organisational values are perceived across the business
  • Run workshops that enable employees to get under the skin of the values and work out how to relate them to their day-to- day jobs
  • Identify ways of linking the values into your HR and L & D processes


For personal well-being and engagement it is important for individuals to be clear on their own values and aspirations and how these can be upheld and fulfilled in their working lives. This belief is reflected in the content and design of a number of our courses and workshops.

We have also been acquiring additional tools and skills as well as partnering with other specialist consultants in the areas of personal motivation, commitment and resilience. We are finding that strengths-based approaches are often helpful, as well as strategies for taking control of your own thinking and behaviour.